Saturday, January 30, 2010

POP Lash Shop Launches at the Golden Globes

POP Beauty's lashes were the buzz at Access Hollywood’s "stuff you must lounge…" for the Golden Globes. The bright and fun "beauty boudoir" setup and our gorgeous Lash Shop display (of course!) attracted a lot of attention – it was hard to walk by without wanting to stop and have a play! A lot of celebs, needing to always look their best wear faux lashes daily.

Jane Krakowski was so sweet but already had a gorgeous pair on when she arrived. She was still tempted to stop and play with our collection and LOVED the Dressed Up lashes (especially Dishy), she likes to wear lashes that are more like an enhancement of her own - the Dressed Up and some of the Icon lashes are perfect for her! Amanda Rigetti also took a few Icons home with her to wear to another party as she also was already wearing a set of falsies when she arrived.

Sporty and gorgeous Kym Johnson was so delightful and fell in love with a pair of Icon Lashes (Edie) - maybe we will see her sporting them on the dance floor soon! As far as the Fantasy, bright feathery and sparkling lashes I was the only one rocking them at this event! Had Lady Gaga stopped by - I am sure she would have probably joined me with some fabulous fantasy lashes! I have actually sent her a few pairs already :)

When I did Mischa Barton's makeup and lashes in NY she looked amazing and like a pretty rock star in a pair of blacked out Twiggy Lashes. Also DJ Mia Moretti who absolutely rocked at the Tea Room in LA on New Years wore a pair of dense, eye magnifying Marianne lashes and looked so cool! We are launching next week in store and I can’t wait to see what the reaction will be - no else does what we do and at that price point. I have a feeling our prettying falsies will literally fly off the shelves!

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