Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Beauty Trends - Straight From the Runway

POP your nails!

Our neon nail brighteners (go POP nail glams!) have been flying off the shelves since they launched. For spring and summer, what is more fun than a really loud nail peeking through sandals, or demanding attention on your fingers! The key here is to contradict color, this is not about matching, and it is 100% about contrast!

Basically do not go with the same color as your clothing, hair, handbag, and so on – make it clash and POP! Paint each nail in a different candy colored hue, do neon French manicures, the options are many, as long as they are not conventional, they are good! Some of the key hues this spring are: neon yellow (POP Yellow), Neon grass (POP Radioactive), Neon Orange (POP Mandarin), Neon Coral (POP Orange), Neon lilac (POP Violetta), Neon Pink (POP Pinky). Have fun!

POP the rest!

As far as backstage makeup tips for spring and summer I want to start with the basics, find the right foundation for you and don’t think you need more coverage then you do – it’s sexy to be able to see the skin underneath the foundation, its not meant to look like a pancake across your face.

Opt for a tinted moisturizer when possible and a good concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes and around the nose. To my great delight (as I have been preaching about this for over 10 years) we are seeing some bright colors again. Nothing can make you look as freshly polished as a great red lipstick. We are seeing fresh corals and true oranges for lips and if you dare try it you might get addicted – I have!

Neon’s have made their way from nails up to eyes as well – Wohooo! Make sure you finish off a neon eye with lots of mascara (always curl your lashes!) and double check that your complexion looks as flawless as possible before playing with brights, otherwise these loud shades can amplify redness and/or skin imperfections. Choose one feature for your neons; eyes or lips and keep the rest of the face simple and polished. Another trend that is coming back is the thick white eyeliner; this can look incredibly dramatic if applied in the right way. Apply a thick white liner onto an otherwise naked eye and layer on the mascara for an angelic punky effect. Love it! Play around and have fun and find your personal twist – that’s what makeup is all about!

P.S. Don’t forget your faux lashes – there is no catwalk, stage or red carpet where you can’t find a pair of glam lashes – POP’s Dressed Up, Icons or Fantasy Lashes have just launched! So exiting!

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