Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Clean Your Makeup Wardrobe

Hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am - I am basking in the sunlight, loving every bit of it! This is the time of the year that is perfect for trying something new, maybe to even make daring new leaps, and why not start with your makeup routine?!

Spring clean your makeup bag! I am calling out to all blonds, brunettes and redheads out there – throw away the browns and the earth tones! This is the time of the year for budding hues of freshness! Do a proper beauty routine spring clean and have a look at what routine you might have been stuck in – we all tend to do the same things over and over – not noticing if it makes us look and feel revived or not.

Makeup is not a must – it is not an obligation, it is supposed to make us feel good! It is sooo easy to get stuck in a makeup rut. Especially if you look down into your makeup bag and can only find browns and beiges! I know, these hues are “known” for looking polished and what a lot of people call “natural” (even though I would love to know who has “naturally” brown lips? Lips are naturally a fresh pink tone!) but browns can also make you look muddy, tired and old fashioned. Throw some of those old shadows away and replace with some pastel sorbet shades for eyes, fresh berries and pinks for cheeks and a burst of coral on your lips (or just a tinted gloss is fine if you don’t want to go all the way).

On the catwalks this Spring, neons are making their way back – to my great delight, but if you are not brave enough for those ultraviolet hues, start with just introducing pop’s (yes Pop’s ) of color – switch your black liner for a deep emerald green or a midnight blue and you will be surprised at how much fresher it looks – but in a subtle way! Play and find your way of falling in love with color again!

Also make sure to take good care of your brushes – wash carefully with baby shampoo and then soak in a gentle conditioner, rinse thoroughly before squeezing the water out of them, shaping them and then lying them on a towel to dry; this way they will last a long time and always be fresh and clean. Try to wash them once a week (if they are only used for yourself – we makeup artists obviously wash them after each use).

Also make sure to throw away your old mascaras. The eye area is so incredibly sensitive and if you had a cold or flu and used the mascara, the bacteria can still be in it months later. Mascara should be thrown after a maximum of three months. Try to stick to it!

Alright M’ladies – have a great week, enjoy the budding New Year and make sure to have fun with your makeup – that’s what it’s all about!

Rock ‘n roll and with love as always,

xxx Sara

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