Monday, April 5, 2010

Makeup Takes The Heat!

There’s nothing worse then trying to enjoy the blossoming weather and having makeup melting, feeling and looking sticky and greasy on your face, but don’t worry, there are ways to get around it! Below are my favorite top three tips on how to look good in the heat!

1) its in the skin
Don’t pack on the makeup for days in humid warm weather or frolics in the sun. Choose light, gel based textures that absorb into the skin immediately and avoid face powders as they may cake, streak and crumble as you get hot and it is just not a good look. A lot of people feel that if they keep on applying powder their skin will look fresh and velvety, not the case if you are in hot weather, you are so much better off without it. Try using an oil controlling/mattefying primer and water based gel foundation or tinted moisturizer that sets seamlessly into your skin & don’t forget the SPF. If you are very oily (most people are not as oily as they think) get some good blotting paper.

Suggested POP products: Face Magnet Primer, No Show Correct & Protect

2) no smudge
Use a waterproof/waterresistant mascara to ensure it stays in place - mascara smudged under the eyes is something to be avoided for an every day fresh faced look! There are so many great waterproof mascaras, and eye liners too for that matter, you should never have to put up with or worry about makeup residue moving around on your face! Same goes for eyeliners, use a gel based, water resistant liner for hot humid days.

Suggested POP products: Lash Kapow, In Liner, Hot Pot Gel Liner.

3) make it stay on
My last (but not least) tip for stay put makeup whatever the weather may be is to use a sealer (POP liner creator) mixed with any powder to create a liquid that then sets like a waterproof shield on the skin. This product has saved many a pool parties for me! You can mix with eye shadow, blusher, even a face powder and then apply onto eyes or skin with a synthetic brush or a sponge and it will literally not come off until you take it off, totally waterproofs the pigments - like magic!

Suggested POP products: Eyeliner Creator/Sparkle Sauce

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