Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stage vs. Street

Hey all you gorgeous POP lovers! Hope you are all really well and enjoying life to the fullest! Any of you ever wondered what the real difference between street and stage makeup is? For many Hollywood dames or brave rock ‘n rollers the difference might be slight but for you chameleons out there who like to switch it up and slip into a different persona depending on your mood I have a few tips! As a performer and stage person myself, I would say there are quite a lot of differences in getting ready for the stage or the camera and just getting ready for coffee with your friends. Don’t ever feel restricted though, I do want to add that I sometimes sprinkle myself in glitter just to go and get milk(!) these are a few general tips. Hope they will be of some help-

1) Street: no makeup makeup is the best way to go – natural sunlight enhances the amount you put on and just a touch too much powder easily ends up looking cakey & flaky – not a good look…Keep things to a minimum, put your makeup on in a room with lots of natural sunlight so that you know exactly what you look like before stepping out the door. Less is more when it comes to quantity.

Work with light touches of color to enhance, don’t try to shade or sculpt features too much but rather enhance what you have naturally with light touches of pinks or berry for cheeks, navy, moss or plum lines for eyes and a neutral pink for lips (fair skins go for pinks or peaches to lift and brighten, medium to olive skin try fresh berries to counteract yellow and dark skins give deeper tones like earthy reds and deep plums a go – avoid grey undertones). Don’t be scared of a little glow, choose crème textures with a shimmer rather than glitter for a skin-like texture - this way you will look fresh and vivid without looking overdone!

2) Stage: Just cake it on baby! In the dark and in front of the camera, it seems almost like the more you put on the less it´s noticed! Work with lighting and angles to shade and sculpt cheek bones and nose; choose earth tones and neutrals. Suck cheeks in, shading with darker shades under the cheekbones, building lighter shades upwards so that the lightest shades ends up on top of the bone structure, this enhances & sharpens the cheekbones and opens up the eyes.

Smoke your eyes out or make them pop with tons of neon hues. The options are endless. For stage, faux lashes are a must! Choose a pair that works with the look you have gone for on the eyes - the smokier the eye, the darker and denser the lashes.

Here is also (according to me) the only opportunity to enhance lips with lip liner, drawing the line outside of the lips ONLY works on stage or in front of the camera, it looks almost clown like in the light of day. Use a good concealer and dab over and around the lips so that your natural lip line fades as much as possible – then choose a lip liner that is the same color as the lipstick you plan to use, draw the liner just outside your lip line and also fill in your lips, then follow with lipstick. For a finishing touch sprinkle yourself with fairy dust and have a glass of champagne – Tada! Ready to meet my audience!

With love as always!
Sara x x x x x x x x x

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