Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The "No Trend" trends

Hey everyone!

Hope life is wonderful and exiting as it should be! I am now going to take the bull by the horns and approach a sensitive subject – makeup trends.

In my job I get endless inquiries about trends in makeup - what is happening this month, what is happening in makeup next season, etc. Of course, it is easy to scan the catwalks and pick up on the makeup thermometer of the street but the truth of it all is – who cares what the trends are?!

Now, ladies (and fellas for that matter!) don’t get me wrong here, I love my industry and creative thinking is definitely at the forefront of what I do. I like to believe that POP sets the trends rather then follows, so… what on earth am I talking about? I am talking about following what works for YOU – create your own trend! In product development we are always looking for the newest most effective technology, that elusive PERFECT shade and texture, the best packaging and, last but not least, that product you have never seen before and did not even know you really wanted – that is my mission.

But…. when it comes down to your own makeup bag, pick what works for you! Makeup is just as individual as what sweet you like the taste of, what clothes you wear, which jewelry you pick out! Don’t let trends get in the way! So one top model had to shave off her eyebrows for her latest catwalk show, c’mon – that does not mean we are going to do the same, does it? What works for the catwalk does not necessarily work for lunch with your friends (or dinner at your boyfriend’s parents house for that matter!) lets be sensible here…

Also, let’s not listen too much too people like me – if you like it, wear it! That’s how you create your own fashion! As a makeup artist, nearly every woman I meet has been told to wear browns….Why is that? I find it beyond puzzling as almost no one looks their best in browns….Sure, neutrals mixed with a pop of color, bronze with a blue liner for example but just browns…No – it does not do it for me, they can actually make you look more tired and sometimes when it gets bad, like you need a good scrub.

This is also what people usually mean when they tell me they want to look “natural” - as the word natural comes out of their mouths they are usually looking at my set makeup table and with raised eyebrows hinting and pointing in the directions of the neutrals, forsaking a rainbow of yummy looking shades. I shall state my case: Brown is NOT natural – no one has naturally brown lips! Most of us have a naturally rosy pinky tone to our lips – so that would be the natural hue to enhance!

So apart from not following trends like a robot, my advice to you is – try something new, try a POP of color, let’s have fun and be playful and you will be surprised at how good you will look, before anyone else has had the time to catch on!

With love as always,
Sara x x x x

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