Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shakeup your makeup!

Hello gorgeous people! What’s shaking in your world? In the world of POP everything is crazy as per normal, just the way I like it! Now, I wanted to give a little insight to what it means to shake up your makeup – as this is one of the taglines for POP. I am sure you have heard the expression to shake it up, mix it up, and try something new?

Take a different route home, wear your hair up for once, Put a stop to buying more black clothes, treat yourself to a super fancy dinner alone, date someone not your usual type…you get the picture - now, apply it to your makeup routine! Ever looked in the mirror in the morning and felt, “hmm something is missing, I am just going through the motions here, I am not being creative and the products I am using are not making me feel like the goddess I am,” then, my friends, it is time to shakeup your makeup!

It is time for a beauty routine overhaul; it is time to have a proper look at what products make a real difference and what products you are just putting on because you always have. With POP I want to bring you unusual makeup solutions, products that give you a little nudge in a new direction, while making you feel amazing! Shaking up your makeup is about having fun, experimenting and moving out of your comfort zone – we don’t have to look flawless 24/7 but if we have gotten stuck in a rut that does not do us any favors, then that’s a real shame.

As always I am advocating a little color, and that’s half of the shaking up your makeup job done. I am about to yawn if I see more browns or grays on the list of best sellers and sticking out of your makeup bags. There are soooo many ways to look sophisticated without looking like everyone else and without going through a rut. Textures and color pigments change and develop constantly in the world of makeup – if you say you can’t wear green, I say with 100% certainty that you are wrong – there are a thousand shades of green and I can find one that suits you fine and actually makes your eyes really pop – no matter your coloring.

If you say you can’t wear shimmer because it will get into your fine lines, I say with 100% certainty that you can. Today’s crème & gel textures will sit on top of fine lines, plumping them and directing the light away from them, making them disappear!! So here is my plea: Try a vibrant red lip, try a pair of falsies when you are going out, try a different foundation, stop piling on the powder – add a neon liner to those neutral eye shadows; and you might look in the mirror and see a new side of yourself! Punches of color are not just for the young and brave, mature ladies look amazing with a little color on the lips! I try to shake it up every day – now it’s your turn!

With love as always,
Sara x x x x

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