Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 Top Makeup Mistakes

Hi all you lovely people!

Hope all is really well and that spring turning to summer is putting a spring in your step as well as mine! As a makeup artist there are some things we get asked over and over, one of those questions is without a doubt: what are the biggest makeup mistakes…..I have listed my main ones below – hope this can be of some help!

With love as always! Sara x x x x

1) Trying to fake a tan with a darker tone foundation, or trying to lighten skin with a too light shade foundation. These are the most common and the worst mistakes. Base/foundation is supposed to be the canvas where all other shades can then be applied. The base should be exactly the same color as your skin or all other makeup you put onto will look wrong. If you want to look pale, stay out of the sun, if you want to look more tanned – invest in a bronzer or a nice holiday in the Caribbean’s…

2) Too much of a good thing….piling on the powder. this is not a good look, you want skin to look like skin, not like you stuck your head in a pile of flower. If you feel powder is a must, dust it on sheer with a big brush and blend until it is seamless on the skin. The above applies here as well – choose the right shade for you.

3) Lip liner. Sorry to say but a lip liner can so easily look outdated. Whatever you do, do not try to make your lips look bigger by drawing the line outside your natural lip line. Did not look good in the 80’s, does not look good now…Only works on camera if you ask me. If you really want to wear a liner to stop lip color from bleeding and feathering, follow your natural lip line, it will look so much better!

4) Matte, matte, matte. Mix up your textures! A matte base with a matte eye shadow and a matte lipstick makes you look really harsh and over painted. If you like a matte base, use a cheek color with a little shimmer and maybe a lip hue with a dewy finish. Mixing textures on the skin will make you look more youthful and alive.

5) Lips and eyes and cheeks….No – choose one feature and go all the way there, keeping the rest to a minimum. You can mix it up of course, do eyes one day, lips the other. But don’t make them compete with each other – that’s just not fair.

Last but not least! Use a POP of color. Move away from the browns people, mooove away from the browns!

With love as always,

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