Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stranded by a Volcano....

Wow what a week! Apart from erupting volcanoes in Iceland, trapping me in my birth country of Sweden (and millions of others unable to travel all over the world) – there has been a lot happening! Just moved into my new apartment in LA when I was whisked off to spend a week in my native London!

I remembered instantly why I moved there in the first place, the buzz, the people, the makeup, the fashion! Everywhere you look there is street art happening in the people rushing about! In London there is no limit, no rules to what you should and should not wear, do, or say! Makeup becomes an expression of your mood rather than a must or a mask and this was the inspiration for POP in the first place - makeup as an accessory, makeup as an extension of your mood and makeup as another tool, another creative outlet and personal expression!

Trends? Who cares – honestly, just wear what makes you look and feel good! There are too many trends going on at the same time to pin it down, your options are endless. Go your own way, create your own trends, those are the only ones that count anyway! I fell in love with Alexander McQueen all over again as his last collection is just an explosion of pure creativity and talent – what an icon we have lost!

Avant garde is obvious in a city with sharp edges and a week in good old London town gave me a much needed boost of inspiration – like a shot of Spirulina for the soul! Walking down Fulham Road on Sunday evening I bumped into an amazing sax player and his stand up base guy, they asked me to join their gig and subsequently I ended up doing a really fun gig, singing in a club in Chelsea with Dr Johns (one of my personal favorites!) and no one less than Slash´s music guys! Now that’s the kind of thing that only happens in London or maybe NYC…So as you can imagine I have had a great time!

As far as makeup for travelling goes, I am sure you know the dilemma I stand in front of trying to pack my 16 drawers and 7 huge boxes of cosmetics into one portable and easy to carry travelling makeup bag that fits in my suitcase and still allows creativity for evenings out and days of color on a whim! These have been my essentials for this trip: Correct & Protect No 2: a must that evens out skin tone invisibly and also has SPF 30. No Show Concealer: if you think you don’t need concealer you are lucky! This one has added caviar extract - one liquid luminous side is a must for jetlagged skin as it hides imperfections AND adds a glow, now that’s working double duty! My One Liner: jet black non-smudge liquid liner, what can I say, I can´t face sunset without it! Lid Neon: for a fun and playful twist and a pop of color to any look! Lash WOW: amazing fake lash effect without the hassle and Lush Blush in cherry blossom, if I have these – I can survive. Hope everyone is having fun, don’t forget to shakeup your makeup!
Love, Sara x x x x

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