Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All Eyes On You: Swinging 60’s eye definition

The 60’s is a decade I still love to draw inspiration from. The fashion & the music from that era is like a never dwindling goldmine full of fun, dramatic and eclectic styles and sounds. Above is a look that is very distinct of the 60’s - matte porcelain skin, pale lips and dramatically defined eyes with huge lashes. Please follow below steps to achieve this look.

1. Base is key here. When you are putting extra enhancement and definition on the eyes it is key that any blemishes or redness in the skin is well hidden. Use powder to cream foundation or a liquid base with a matte finish and set with a good mineral powder. The face is kept matte, matte, and matte – no shimmer in this look, please!

2. Dust a little of a peach/apricot blush just underneath the highest point of the cheek bones and blend well. If you have olive or darker skin, go more towards a bronze or a rose hue.

3. Prime lids to ensure smooth application and staying power. Smooth a white or a nude matte shadow onto lids and blend all the way up to the eyebrow.

4. Next, line upper lash line with a jet black liquid liner winging line outwards and upwards at the outer corner of the eyes.

5. Using a fine brush and a jet black shadow, carefully draw a line into the crease of the eye, following your eyes natural shape. This look is meant to be graphic with quite “harsh” lines, so don’t blend the black into the crease of the eye. Draw it on using small short strokes and again, “winging” the line upwards and outwards at the outer corner of the eye.

6. Draw on “fake lashes” onto the lower lash line. Hold the brush vertical and then dot on the black, smudging it into lash roots, leave a ½-1 cm gap between each black dot.

7. Time for mascara – slap it on! Does not have to be perfect - a little clumpy application just adds to this look! Let first layers dry and then apply more. You will need at least 4-5 layers of mascara to achieve this look. Fake lashes are also a good alternative here if you want to go all the way.

8. Lastly, “kiss” a piece of paper to remove any moistness from lips and then apply one thin layer of a matte lipstick in a very light color, for example: baby pink, light coral, or a nude skin tone. Once applied dust a very thin layer of a loose powder onto lips to set, mattifye and create a long lasting surface. You will be a real stunner! Don’t “overdo” this look by matching it with other 60’s trademarks. (Don’t back comb your hair or wear a baby doll dress!) A look always seems more modern and individual when you mix things up a bit! Wear you hair down, loose and unfixed and your favorite well fitted jeans and a t-shirt for updated & doll faced every day glamour with a rock ‘n roll twist!

Have fun and don’t forget to shake it up!

Sara x x x x x x

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