Thursday, August 26, 2010

An August in Europe

Hey there lovely ones!

Hope everyone has had an amazing summer! I can not believe it’s nearly over - it’s literally rushed by! I spent most of August in my native Sweden but I also squeezed in a stop in London (naturally!). Therefore, I will dedicate this blog to a few of my favorite home-away-from-home spots in these two trendy and fashion forward cities - if you find yourself on the other side of the pond make sure to make a stop!

The Troubadour London:
I swigged a couple of glasses of rose and caught up with friends over lunch. During my 10 years living in London, people would joke that I was literally part of the furniture in this place. I sang there regularly but also met some of (to this day) my absolute dearest friends. Go there to catch new upcoming bands, some proper old school rock ‘n rollers and well established musicians & artists. Truly famous for its bohemian vibe - this is a place where A-listers, scruffy poets and royalties hang out alike.

Miss Juniversum – Malmo Sweden:
Owned and run by my talented friend Jun (yes, miss juniverse) this store is well worth a visit if you happen to visit the Swedish south and its slightly edgy town of Malmo. She sells a rainbow array of craziness - don’t really know how else to put it! She simply adds an alternative “if you don’t want your house to look like an IKEA catalogue” I think she offers so much more! She sells everything you think you did not need until you laid your eyes on it: huge pink flamingos, red lip telephones, clothes & jewelry and pretty much everything else under the sun. You’ll leave the store not being able to carry more!

The deepest Swedish forest:
Never seen fairies, trolls or pixies? Easy, travel to Sweden and hang out in the forest, it is not a coincidence that so many famous fairy tales were written here…Call me crazy but I heard stories about them early on as a little girl from my grandma as we would stroll through the moss, collecting wild berries and mushrooms and believe me, I don’t think these folktales came to be because of nothing! I love the Swedish forest dearly, it is as far away from luxury but as close to nature as you can get! And honestly, I can sit by some fancy pool sipping a cocktail any other day. Our little house in the deepest forest with no neighbors is one of my favorite hide always!

F12 Terrace Stockholm:
This night club in Stockholm is always CRAZY packed with people hanging out on the castle-like stairs, looking impossibly trendy, good looking and icy cool - the way only Stockholmer’s can. But its well worth a visit if you want to mingle and listen to loud music. It has a beautiful view overlooking the water and is not one of Stockholm’s tourist traps. Usually I like bar hopping or going out to listen to bands, but if I feel like a big night out you might very well find me here on a Saturday night, apple martini in hand! The restaurant next door to the club is one of Stockholm’s best and also well worth a visit.

Hope you’ll make it to these places one day and if you do – I hope you will love them as much as I do. Always good to be “home” though!

Love as always,
Sara x x x x

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