Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Buff It Up!

Always wondered how to get your nails looking fun and flawless? Below I spill the beans on how to make those neon hues stick out longer! Make sure to have a real play with our famous POP shades. Use a fine brush and paint your nails in polka dots, rainbow stripes, peace signs or fluffy clouds! Bring out the artist in you and get playful!

1) Always start with clean, buffed nails. Make sure your nails are completely dry and that there is no oil or lotion residue on them so that nail color can adhere properly.

2) Use a good base coat that is also a treatment for your nails.

3) Apply color in thin coats, letting each layer dry in between, a layered effect will create a better seal and reduce air bubbles. Don’t do too many layers though, as this can make the polish too thick, making it less likely to stay on properly and taking ages to dry. After 3-5 coats you should have the optimum fullness of the shade.

4) Throw away old and "glue" like polishes.

5) Wrap each tip of the nail with the color; sweep a little color around the tip of the nail, this will minimize the risk of chipping.

6) Let dry properly! This is so key. I am always anxious to keep on going but there really is no better way to ensure the nails keep looking good apart from letting the polish dry properly.

7) Stay away from water, washing dishes, re-potting plants - you name it, for the next 12 hours at least.

8) Apply a top coat and keep it handy for touch ups.

9) Last but not least - POP’s amazing neon nail shades are nail hardening and non-occlusive, your nails will look so pretty and perky, you will take proper care not to chip them!


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