Tuesday, June 29, 2010

POP Your Day - I dare you!

- Wear a really bright lipstick!
- Pick a recipe that seems impossible to recreate online, and invite your friends over for a yummy (?) dinner with lots of wine
- Cut bangs
- Go with a friend to a costume shop and try on the pirate outfits
- Add a neon blue on top of your usual black liner
- Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers
- Paint your toe nails bright neon
- Make really pretty paper planes and throw them off the balcony
- Send an “I love you because…” letter to the people you love
- Write a list of all the things you want to do that would make you happy and then – do them!
- Create a new cocktail
- Paint each nail a neon “M&M” color
- Learn three new words and annoy everyone by using them vigorously
- Get up in the office and challenge everyone to a hoola hoop competition
- Kiss someone
- Book a trip for the weekend
- See how many Swedish fish sweets you can fit into your mouth at once
- Write a “thank you” Oscar speech
- Make your eyebrows a real statement, really fill them in!
- Put large pieces of paper on your walls and splash them with your favorite hues
- Wear feathers on your lashes
- Mix up the textures, matte on lips and shimmer on eyes, or the other way around
- Have a look in your wardrobe to see what can be altered, remade or just thrown away
- Paint your lower lip red and your upper lip pink
- Treat yourself to the best, most expensive chocolate around
- Sing, sing, sing – at the top of your voice, as loudly as you can!
- Spend a happy hour making up names for the new band you and your mates are forming
- Sign up for a dance class and then actually attend it
- Go to the beach to watch the sunset
- Plan a party, a really, really good one
- Dye your hair – you can always change it again
- Flirt with everyone you meet
- Use white eye shadow, no mascara, bright red blush and bright red lips – modern geisha!
- Watch three cheesy musicals in a row
- Name your plants and then chat to them about the weather
- Using eyelash glue, glue pearls and beads and gold leafs to your cheekbones
- Try to learn the famous Fred Astaire dance from “Singing In The Rain”
- Feed the pigeons
- Make up true and funny nick names for everyone you know
- Have a glass of champagne for lunch
- Buy a 50’s prom dress
- Load up your ipod with all your favorite music and go for long walks
- Go to a theater makeup shop and by the strangest color makeup you can find, then find fun ways of wearing them

I could go on and on, but that should keep you busy for today! Shake it up!

Love as always,

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  1. I wore a bright lipstick! Pop should come out with some really bright lipsticks. I would love bright orange matte lipstick. <3