Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Got Style?

Pinup? Rockabilly? Mod? Housewife? Hippie? Rock ‘n Roll? Punk? Is that really all there is? No way! Let’s shake it up! Want to go vintage? Good – take your favorite elements and frazzle them up to bedazzle! Get your favorite little 50’s prom dress out and mix it up with a tattered leather jacket, a pair of boots and messed up hair. No limits! I know this is no news to you, so now let’s do it with our makeup too. This is really how to create something new, to whip it up and get the milk frothing.

You want to follow your individuality, not some set rules of what things should look like!

I was doing my makeup the other day and as I was putting on my usual winged eyeliner, I suddenly remembered that young girl I used to be. That girl who was always late for school because she was busy hair pinning tin foil to her hair or trying out that new blue lipstick found in the theatre makeup shop. In the last school picture I look like a complete mess, just a small hippie gone wrong! In my grandmother’s house coat, REALLY back combed platinum blonde hair and way too big jeans stained with paint splashes. But oh, did I have fun! In the course of 4-5 years I went through every style I knew of. I was the surfer girl (in freezing December in Sweden), I was mod (and a pretty good one, I went to the all nighters, still love the music), I was punk (yes, I had pink and purple spikes), I was skate girl (gave that up, fell to often :), I was grunge (I looked pretty good as a grunge), I was also beat, hippie, gypsy, rock ‘n roll (now those last three kind stuck with me!)

See, the hardcore followers of all these styles would tell me I am insincere and a poser, that I had to much time on my hands and that each style comes with a culture that is not to be played with. Sure, I’ll take it on the chin, but...I will keep on playing. That’s what makes makeup, fashion and life fun!

I would encourage you to do the same – mix it up! Go after your mood and make a statement, make it yours (even if it’s your grandma’s house coat!)

Make it POP!

Love, Sara x x x

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