Thursday, June 3, 2010

At the Base!

Hi everyone-

What’s the most important part of your makeup routine? It’s actually what happens before you even put the makeup on! It’s in your skin. Below are some of my personal favorite ways to make sure my skin is prepped, primped and happy. Apart from sleeping lots (which rarely happens!) - moisturize, drink lots of water, or just being blessed with good genes (to those lucky few!) How do you really create a great canvas, so that you can start playing with those yummy hues?

• Prime: POP’s Face Magnet Primer is one of our absolute bestselling products. With ingredients like skin plumping and revitalizing caffeine, calming and antiseptic liquorish root and healing Vitamin E, this face brightening lotion will even out the skin tone as an amazing first step in your makeup routine, and it holds on to rest of your makeup all day!

• Hide: A good concealer really is key! I don’t want to go anywhere without my No Show Concealer. One side for full-on coverage and one side for a highlighting luminosity. Dab high coverage end under the eye area and around the nose and chin, or anywhere you need extra coverage. Use clean finger tips or a synthetic brush.

• Cover: your choice of powder, tinted moisturizer, liquid or crème foundation. I like to switch them up depending on the event, weather and how I feel. Always keep two shades in your base wardrobe. Lighter and darker for “summer” vs “winter” and then you can mix them together for when your skin is anywhere in between.

• Prime again! Time to prime those eyelids for shadow. The POP Eye Magnet Primer is amazing for creating a flawless finish for lids, making the shadow blend easier and stay on until you take it off!

Now you should be ready to start throwing those fun hues around! Enjoy!
With love, Sara x x

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