Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lightning Strikes!

That illusive wonderful ray that makes all the difference to a face in a picture, those spotlights piercing the darkness to light up a face on a sullen stage - there are ways to highlight, to brighten and to pour rays of sunshine on your face, sculpting and lifting your features and opening up your eyes. Below are a few of my favorite tricks on how to do this.

1) Light at the base: For a gorgeous all over glow mix a drop or two of a luminizer into your foundation and apply all over face. For a brightening effect for sullen, grey or too yellow looking skin, use a pearl essence with a pink tone. To warm up skin, use a pearl essence with a gold holographic tone and for a universal suit all glow, just a drop of a pure white pearl essence. It should not change the color of your foundation but rather just add a light hint of shimmer.

2) Light up the bones that sculpt your face: Apply highlighter at the highest points, powder is fine but I do prefer a gel or a shimmer for this as it looks like your own skin. You can play with hues - soft pastels with a holographic hint sometimes looks so much more amazing then just a plain white, nude, or gold. Use clean fingertips and dab just underneath the brow bone and then down onto the cheek bones, ending diagonally (away from the nose) under the pupil. You can also add a small touch of glow to the bridge of the nose for lit from within effect.

3) Light up your gaze: Use a light, loose shimmer dust right in the inner corner of your eyes to reflect the light into peepers, opening them up and brightening them to the max. (Hint of color - blue mascara also brightens the eye whites, it truly works!)

4) A lip lighting maze: After applying lip color or lip gloss, dot a sheer shimmer crème just outside your natural lip line at the cupids bow and smudge a little bit onto the middle of upper and lower lips. Creating an enhanced lit up illusion.

Come out and play in the light!

With love as always,
Sara x x x

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