Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Play with this thought: Makeup as an accessory, never as a must. An expression of art, confidence and color. Not always to beautify but the main goal is to brighten or to mystify!

Bright color on the edge can take you many places, where does creativity go when it gets air under its wings. How do you feel today? Where does your mood take you?

Okay - granted, I am not asking you to step out the door with bright colored makeup splashed all over your face (or I?!) but I am asking you to start feeling differently about makeup. Do not look at it from a stand point of correction, look at it from a standpoint of fun, of enhancement or, if you are brave enough, performance art!

As a makeup artist you might think that we look at people’s face and think “hmm, got to cover that up, spackle some stuff on there, hide that, and...” we do – but ONLY after we have noticed what amazing color eyes you have, how sculpted your cheekbones are, the perfect arch of your eyebrows, your amazing lips, etc. EVERYBODY without any exception, (whatsoever) is beautiful and has some feature to enhance. That is just the way it is. So I wish to look at makeup from a different perspective, and sometimes it can be useful to bring that new perspective into your everyday routine.

It is not a tattoo, it is not a haircut, it is just some pigment - some color! and its easy to wash off if you don’t like it!

Start looking at your makeup bag the way you look at a box of jewelry, it’s to embellish what’s already there, you don’t put on a necklace to hide your neck, quite the opposite!

So get that child in you a box of crayons and mummy’s lipstick, play with your box of jewelry, and start embellishing those peepers, instead of hiding behind those browns!

Have fun,

With love, Sara x x x

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