Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Current 4 skincare musts!

I have a confession to make - growing up I was never that interested in skincare. I was obsessed with fashion, music, makeup & color – but the skincare part of me never really tuned in. Actually, you could probably have called me a “skincare slob“. My sister (Sofia, who is an esthetician) would talk me through all the lotions and potions and explain to me that if I did not create a proper skin care routine my skin could age prematurely (yay! I thought – easier to get into the clubs without ID, terrible but true ….you know, somehow that part worked out too!) Because she had (and still has) the most amazingly perfect skin I kind of had to listen to her. Thanks to Sofia, things are different today for sure – I am just as obsessed with the formula, scent and ingredients as I am the color and the texture of a product. I had a little ponder and here are my 4 current favorites, don’t be surprised if they have changed in a week or so!

Sampar Ultra Hydrating Fluid: This antioxidant and anti-irritant moisture fluid is just delicious! From the first time I tried it I was completely hooked. Smells divine and adds just the right moisture without feeling greasy at all. It helps soften and repair dry skin.
Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer: From my sister Petra’s skin care line. This is the most amazing serum I have ever tried. Used on top of your moisturizer it creates a silk shield that the skin can still breathe through. Your skin has never felt more amazing or smelled better! Organic and all natural ingredients treat your skin and help add luster. You’ll be lucky to get a hold of one – they are always flying off the shelf!
Dermalogica Precleanse: This comes with me everywhere! Manages to dissolve the toughest of stage makeup, and the most waterproofs of mascaras as well as smells divine and makes your skin feel amazing. Based with Olive and Apricot Kernel it cleanses your skin without leaving an oily residue.
Caudalie Eau de Beaute: One on my desk in the office, one in my bathroom, one small version in my handbag – this little fresher-upper works magic when the eyes and brain get weary from the computer and when I just need a whiff of fresh air. Made out of essential oils and active plant ingredients. It also works really well as a set spray for makeup and adds some radiance as well as tightening pores. Love it!

Or, if you want to go the completely organic way – make it yourself! Visit this website for tips and recipies:


Have fun as always!

Love, Sara x x x x x

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