Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Pick-Me-Ups!

I don’t know about you but every Fall I get a little melancholic. Maybe it’s just stayed with me from growing up in Sweden where the days just got shorter and shorter in August and then around November it would be pitch black outside at 3 pm. Now that was slightly depressing! Swedes have great ways of dealing with it though - consuming a lot of vodka might be one of them, but not the one I am referring to - lit candles in all windows when the days start to get dark is kind of an unwritten rule. So when you walk past apartments and houses they all give a cozy glimmer onto the streets.

Lots of creative activity (why do you think so many designers, writers and musical geniuses are from Sweden? There is nothing else to do but to stay indoors and get creative). During my first year (out of 10) in London I never understood why people always hinted that it rains there constantly, “It does not!” I thought to myself, until September arrived…..The person who said that it always rained in London must have lived there only in Fall. Sweden is cold but London is…wet….but in such a buzzing city you can keep yourself entertained whatever the weather!

Now that I’m residing in sunny CA I can erase candles from the windows, vodka, and umbrellas from my shopping list – so here are a few things I will be getting for Fall!

1) I am going to find out if blondes really do have more fun. Not for the first time, but I have been a redhead now for a looong time and I need a change! I will let you know if I will have more fun or simply develop a better sense of humor once I am blonde….watch this space…
“Having money is rather like being a blonde. It is more fun but not vital” - Mary Quant
2) Bright colored animal prints, flowering head pieces, oversized primal colored glasses – I will be rocking all three. I have always had a kind of love-hate relationship with animal prints. It can look so fun and funky and youthful in the right cuts and materials, but there is a fine line that is easy to step over that will land you in “old lady land” where I don’t want to reside for another 40 years or so! Brightly colored animal prints instantly add that POP twist and a youthfulness to it that I love. Head pieces I know have been in vogue for a while, but if you think that they are a classic and can really lift any out fit – bring on the feathers! Sunglasses are a must here in CA and the primal colored ones are so much more fun! I will also keep rocking my favorite Ray Bans of course!
3) Faux Fur - yes, please! Cozy, stylish, warm and animal friendly, what’s not to love? I will be mixing up my Viking heritage look with an Audrey Hepburn gone electro twist to sass up the jazz, and a faux fur piece or two is key in my autumn wardrobe!
4) A pair of cool, patent leather boots, that end just below the knee, worn with short skirts, or dresses. Show off a little leg but not too much and is sexy in a non-kinky way. They can be vintage or new, Twiggy knew just how to do it!
“Fashion, as we knew it, is over; people wear now exactly what they feel like wearing” Mary Quant
Have a fantastic fall everybody, keep having fun and keep being yourselves! Fashion is art, its fantasy and it’s a world to draw inspiration from, to follow the no-trend trends “I make up my own” will always be the trendiest thing in my world!

With love & light as always,
Sara x x x x

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