Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One more for the road?

In my life there has been a lot of traveling and moving from one country to the next. I feel like I have had a lot of practice in the art of packing. And when it comes to makeup, it is just as easy to unintentionally over pack as it is with clothing. Perfect example is when my sister asks me if I am really bringing that feathered cropped jacket (stage outfit I bought in 1992 …) to our relaxing family vacation and I replied “Oh, I just have to bring that – who knows, I might want to wear it to the beach one day.” Did I? Of course, not! The days of hauling three full suitcases (where one is just filled to the brim with makeup…), two hat cases, one guitar case and then wearing two coats because the last one just “would not fit into the bag and I might really want to wear it” are OVER!

Not only can it seem vain, but it is also a pure pain. These days I am more of a “bag lady” you can drop me off in the middle of the desert and I have planned my hand bag so well I would be able to survive (and look good) for the next week or so! But, of course, I still want to have a choice in the morning, and I don’t really plan outfits. I go by the “panic theory” and just bring my favorite pieces, both for my clothing and my makeup wardrobe so I can go by my mood and mix things up a bit, and so far so good….

Below are some of my thoughts on how to fit all the beautifiers you need into one little bag! Happy Travels!

The Essentials:
Start with selecting a makeup bag, whatever size you have chosen is the size you are sticking with. No throwing in liners and lip glosses loose into your suitcase- be strong with yourself! Think of the things you definitely know that you need on a day to day basis (exclude skin and hair care – when I travel they get a beauty bag of their own. It would not be realistic to try to fit everything into one makeup bag).

Pick those key items that really make a difference to your face that you would not want to go without. Narrow it down to the basics (4-5 things) and then there will still be room to add playfulness. Also try to think of things that easily takes you from day to night.

My can’t live without product for traveling is POP No Show Concealer – it doubles as a tinted moisturizer, a highlighting fluid, and a hardworking cover stick. So with a little good finger work it can be really multi-purpose – a high coverage matte finish to skin, a hardly there glowing hint and a lot of the spectrums inbetween!

Hey, I know I am a little biased, so don’t take my word for it – try it yourself and then tell me I am not right!

Pick kits:
I like going with shadow kits for traveling. Makeup artist work and touch ups on the go. That way I don’t have haul all my little single shadows with me, but rather have everything in one place! More visual, more fun, and much more practical!
I am still in LOVE with my Day to Play clutch – 18 gorgeous hues, from day to night. When the makeup runs out you can “pop” the trays of makeup out and use it as a clutch for credit or business cards. People always ask where I got mine when I take it with me.

Treatment/ Moisture
Dry airplane air, jetlag, general exhaustion, your skin is thirsty! Make sure you pick your travel essentials carefully so that there are a few treatment based products in there as well! Petal Jam is well worth a mention, formulated with natural oils like avocado, jojoba and macadamia nut, they give a moisture quenching effect to affected areas like, lips, elbows, cuticles so on. (Oh, and they taste good enough to eat! In fact, if you ever get stuck on a desert island, you COULD eat them!)
With these little gems you will still have the room to add all your other favorite cant-live-withouts. As I know there will still be a few and they are individual and different depending on the person. For ex: my sister who is a blond would say she can not go without mascara - while I just need an eye lash curler and I am good, but I would never go without a tinted moisturizer and she would! And one of my girlfriends would never go anywhere without a powder while I am perfectly happy to survive without it!

Either way, make sure to have fun along the road!

Love, Sara x x x x x x

P.S. Don’t forget - brushes, eye lash curler and tweezers – I hate it when I can’t find my eyelash curler!

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